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Arakni, Huntsman
Azalea, Ace in the Hole
Bravo, Showstopper
Bravo, Star of the Show
Briar, Warden of Thorns
Chane, Bound by Shadow
Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire
Dorinthea Ironsong
Dromai, Ash Artist
Fai, Rising Rebellion
Kassai of the Golden Sand
Katsu, the Wanderer
Levia, Shadowborn Abomination
Lexi, Livewire
Maxx 'The Hype' Nitro
Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity
Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light
Rhinar, Reckless Rampage
Ruu'di, Gem Keeper
Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn
Teklovossen, Esteemed Magnate
Uzuri, Switchblade
Viserai, Rune Blood
Vynnset, Iron Maiden
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