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Ancestral Harmony
Aspect of Tiger: Mind
Back Heel Kick
Be Like Water
Biting Breeze
Blackout Kick
Bleed Out
Blessing of Qi
Bonds of Ancestry
Brand with Cinderclaw
Breed Anger
Cinderskin Devotion
Companion of the Claw
Concealed Blade
Crane Dance
Deadly Duo
Descendent Gustwave
Dust Runner Outlaw
Engulfing Flamewave
Find Center
Flex Claws
Flic Flak
Fluster Fist
Flying Kick
Harmony of the Hunt
Head Jab
Hundred Winds
Knives Out
Lava Vein Loyalty
Leg Tap
Lord of Wind
Mindstate of Tiger
Mounting Anger
One-Two Punch
Open the Center
Pouncing Qi
Predatory Streak